i dreamt i was watching a young girl who was “stung” by an octopus.  she was crying in pain, and her friend helped remove the octopus from her back, but the octopus’s “beak” was still embedded in her shoulder.  her friend told her to roll around on the floor to detach it.  she rolled around and around, whimpering in fear and pain.  finally she exhausted herself from the effort and fell asleep on the floor.  when she woke up, the octopus had found its way back to her and attached itself again.  she woke up screaming and pulling at it to get it off.  eventually she succeeded and took off with the octopus in hand, heading for a pool that was inside the house.  she threw the octopus in the pool, and then my view switched to an underwater one where i saw the octopus writhing and dying from the pool chemicals.  i could see the girl standing at the edge of the pool from my view under the surface.  she watched to make sure it died, and then she walked away, and i woke up.