here are a few highlights of dreams that i’ve had in the past.  i intend to post them in “real time” going forward, but as this blog is in its infancy, i thought perhaps it best to establish a baseline.  many of these dreams happened years ago, but i still remember them in great detail. i am not making any of this up, nor embellishing any detail.  these are really all dreams that i’ve had.  i’m calling this “part one” in case i’ve forgotten some today.

i’ve dreamt:

… about being chased around an enormous old house, only to be cornered and finally killed by a crazy man weilding a pair of giant, shiny scissors (i mean GIANT, like each blade was 4 feet long and polished like the top of the chrysler building)

… dying in armageddon.  i was in nyc, looking for my friends.  president clinton (this dream happened in 1998 or 99) was on tv alerting us of impending warfare.  saw a plane fly over and drop a bomb.  i was inside a bar talking to a girl, smoking a cigarette.  everything went black and i felt the cigarette fall from my hand.  i was dead… everything was black.  this was the longest part of the dream, just black… and me trying to tell myself “no way, i cant be dead”.  finally in the dream i “woke up” and saw a breathtakingly beautiful summer road… a dirt road weaving into a forest of electric green leaves and blazing sunshine.  that last scene lasted a millisecond before i woke up for real.

… i was a bird of prey, like a hawk, flying through an ice storm.  i was not cold, but i could feel my wings becoming coated with ice. i had flown into the storm in an attempt to thwart my enemies who were pursuing me.

… flying around the perimeter of the globe, like the blue glow that you see around the earth in pictures from out of space.  i was flying at warp speed.  it was thrilling!

… having an argument from the inside of a castle with an evil, devilish face that had taken residence inside the stones of the wall.  the face was trying to recruit me to join his evil forces.  i was an older man, an adult man, and i had moral values which i was trying desperately to uphold.  the presence in the walls would not let me leave unless i agreed to convert to his “reign of terror”.  finally, i acquiesed, but only to get out of that awful stone castle.  as soon as i got outside i walked through the town square (looked like something out of Robin Hood), found my horse that I had tethered to a pole, grabbed my sword from its hilt and plunged it into my chest.  i would have rather died than worked for evil.  townspeople gathered around me as my life faded away.

… i was a young boy of about 8 years old in “mozart times”.  i swear i don’t know what the right words are to describe it, but everything (powdered wigs, housing, clothes, furniture, colors, decor, etc.) looked like it was from the movie Amadeus or Interview with a Vampire.  i was in a room entertaining my father by loading and unloading a large rifle from his collection.  i had done it perfectly, yet my father still found fault with my actions.  he instructed me to lie on his lap for a spanking, which i did.  his strikes were so weak and feeble, and i was embarrassed for my father.  he was deeply effeminiate.  after my punishment, he went over to my mother who was doing needlepoint and forced himself upon her.  he said “i want you, martha” and i saw him expose himself, but my mother was trying hard to fight him off.  she was shocked and ashamed… she told him she had her period.  i was absolutely terrified and disgusted at this point and ran out of the room.  i went into the library and hid by the piano, where eventually i caught a glimpse of my crazy father running naked down the hall, covered in the powder from his wig, with my mother’s menstrual blood pouring down his mouth and chin.

… i was a jet stream of yellow energy that whizzed through the air, above the rooftops of my old neighborhood.  my sister was with me, and she was yellow too, but a different shade.  we were elated.

… i was walking along the beach and found the ruins of an old metal fence or installation project hidden behind the dunes.  i looked down and saw a square object about the size of a piece of notebook paper.  it had long spikes on it in a grid pattern.  i picked it up and smashed it directly into my face.  i felt the spikes enter my skin and eyes and lodge deep into my head.

… was bound to a chair in an empty, white room with no windows and one door.  a man was circling around me, slowly piercing my body with long, thin swords.  i felt no pain, just the sensation of a foreign object in my flesh.  i was very afraid.

… tornados.  i have recurring dreams about tornados.  i’m always hiding from them or trying to escape them, very similar to what i imagine a waking reaction would be.

… i’ve had recurring dreams of being an asian woman.  i had two long braids that hung down my shoulders, and i wore a white tunic that came down to my knees and white pants.  sometimes these outfits had embriodery on them.  i wore simple black or brown shoes.  in one dream, i was in a house with my husband? friend? business partner? who was also asian, and he kept looking out the windows to see if we were being watched.  the house was not ours, we were just hiding there.  it was in a densely populated suburban neighborhood that sat directly on the ocean, only high up over it like a cliffside.  the house was mainly empty except for a few sparse pieces of furniture.  my husband-whoever kept looking out of the kitchen window toward the ocean and i scoped out the rest of the house.  i was crouched down low, and when i got to the front door i noticed that the house had been rigged with dynamite.  just as i noticed this and went to shout to my friend that we needed to leave, he also shouted at me that he saw them coming.  he started running for the door, and i ran out before him.  i turned around to make sure he was close to me, and when i did i saw a helicopter fly over and someone inside shot me with arrows/harpoons.  they hit me in rapid succession, about 5 or 6 right in a row, and i fell over into the street next to a car that was parked.  died.

… also as the asian woman, i was in a very hot and steamy part of the world… was in a house that was 2 stories and had a 360-degree wrap around balcony on both levels.  the structure seemed to be made out of reeds or some other natural material.  i was waiting inside for further instruction with a team of other individuals.  we were on a task force that was supposed to either assassinate or kidnap somebody, but we also knew that we were at very high risk of death ourselves.  not sure what happened, i just remember being very hot and very quiet, watching some men patrol around the balconies of similar buildings that were all around us.

… third dream as the asian woman.  i was walking through a narrow, crowded street at night time with two friends.  it was raining.  i passed by a tall fence, like corrugated metal, that was locked with a large padlock.  men were acting as guard outside of the gate.  i could hear that some type of lecture was going on inside, lead by a man.  i found a gap in the fence and was able to peek in.  the man was on a makeshift stage, speaking in harsh tones to a group of people who had gathered to hear him.  he had a young woman on stage with him, she was bound and gagged.  he began to molest her and i knew that she was going to be raped.  i instinctively acted out in rage, but i caused enough of a commotion that the speaker heard me.  he commanded his guards to bring me in… i was to be next.

… dreamt i was a fit and healthy young man, running through a jungle at full speed.  seemed like i was on a native american tribe.  i had leather coverings on my feet and a leather type of belt or loincloth, but nothing else.  my body felt tanned and muscular.  i was invogorated and excited and running like i had just made a kill or was about to make a kill.  i knew when i returned to my people they would celebrate in my honor.

… was on a walk with a father and his two sons, when one of the sons went missing.  “oh, he’s just a climber”, the father said, “he’s probably off jumping on the sidewalk somewhere”.  a few steps later we saw splashes of blood.  more steps, we see entrails.  finally we see his decapitated head.

… thought i woke up from a dream and went into the living room to talk to my then boyfriend, only to realize that he was about 600 pounds and i was still asleep.

there is much more.  i will post again once i give my brain a rest.