well my dream last night wasn’t as cut and dry as some, so it will be a bit of a shaky explanation.

i was with my aunt, uncle and cousins at their old house upstate, NY.  my uncle was chopping wood and i was outside helping with yard work.  there was a huge tree that had fallen and he was trying to chop it into smaller pieces so that he could haul it away easier.  eventually he said something like, “i think i can manage it now” and he hoisted up the rest of the tree over his shoulder and was about to drag it off, but i noticed it was still the same size as if he hadn’t touched it… basically he was dragging a full-size tree around.  when he moved the tree out of the way i noticed a sort of cave behind where the tree had fallen.  my uncle, being the adventurous daredevil that he’s always been, said that he had been down in there before and it was worth my exploration.  so i forged ahead, and when i got to the mouth of the cave i realized that some of it was underwater.  i could see different formations in the rock that looked like openings or pathways that led deeper inside.  i held my breath and dove in… the water was very clear and the rocks had made sort of underwater slides.  some of the openings were very small and i had to judge whether i could fit through them.  i was pulling myself through these small underwater cracks and crevices in the cave (the thought of which terrifies me to my core in real life… i’ve got a touch of claustrophobia /hydrophobia).  eventually i wound up in an open section of the cave, still underwater.  it was like an underwater apartment.  there was a kitchen area and a table with chairs and a doorway that led somewhere else.  i saw my son walk/float out of the doorway, take a seat at the table and pick up a knife and fork like he were about to have breakfast.  all of a sudden i realized that we were both underwater and were going to drown if i didn’t get us out of there.  i swam over to him, grabbed him, and swam back out of the cave as fast as i could.  i had to squirm my way back through all of the crevices, and i had my son in my arms, outstretched in front of me so that he’d get to the surface as fast as possible.  we just made it out and i woke up.