Last night I dreamt that my mother and stepfather found a new house for me to live in.  They took me there, and it was in a very cramped neighborhoos much like some of the towns in Long Island where I grew up.  It was a one-story home, very boxy… and very GREEN, like 1970’s avocado green.  The decor inside also looked like it hadn’t seen a remodel since Charlie’s Angels left the air.  But it was all mine!  I went outside and the backyard was pleasant, although showing signs of age with a rusty chain-link fence and old lawn furniture.  I was happy to see a swingset that my son could play on, although not before I gave it a good power-washing.  All of the neighbor’s houses could easily be seen from the backyard… again, very similar to my old stomping grounds in NY.  I went back inside and my sister had shown up to see the house.  She was opening cabinets and noticed that there were still some old figurines left on the shelves.  One of them was identical to one my grandmother had, and seeing it improved my mood and convinved me that I would be OK here because my Nana would have liked it.  I walked by the laundry room and figured it would be better once I moved my new front-loading units into it.  Eventually we headed out as my parents said they had a newer house that they also wanted to show to me.  On the way out, as my sis and I were loading some stuff into the car, a “friend” of mine (IRL, she’s more of an annoyance than a true friend) drove past the house, saw us, stopped the car and backed up to chat.  I felt sort of put out… she’s extremely long winded and I didn’t really want to get involved… my sister and I exchanged glances and then dutifully walked over to say hello.  She was driving and her infant son was in his car seat on the passenger side, and there were a few friends of hers sitting in the back.  I remember not being able to say much to her since I was appalled that she put her baby on the front seat, in a car seat that was not at all age-appropriate.  I wasn’t surprised by her action, though.  She’s a bit spacey.  Finally we left and my parents made a stop off at some type of community center.  I went inside with them and there was sort of a party going on… my stepfather started dancing with one of his friends, the husband of a close friend of my mother’s.  We were laughing at how they were carrying on and being silly.  I think they were trying to dance the Shag.  I then looked over to my Mom and noticed that she let her hair grow out gray (normally she keeps it very naturally blonde).  It looked really nice and I told her so, even though I was taken aback since she’s had blonde hair for as long as I can remember.  That was all for that dream.

Over the weekend I dreamt that I was attending a very formal wedding; one of my mother’s friend’s daughter was getting married and having a very elaborate reception at an old Victorian house.  I didn’t want to go.  At some point we (meaning all of the guests) were standing on the lawn of the house and the bride was about to toss out some gifts to two lucky attendees… sort of like tossing the bouquet, I suppose.  She threw something and everyone reached up high to grab for it, only I kept my arms at my sides since I was already ticked off that I had to be there to begin with and really didn’t want to be bothered engaging in the festivities.  An older woman caught the gift box, opened it and declared that a one carat round diamond was waiting for her at the local jewelry store – how lucky for her!  The bride was getting ready to toss out another gift and my mom elbowed me in a “you-better-just-stick-your-arms-up-i-dont-care-that-you-dont-want-to-be-here-you-better-not-embarrass-me” kind of way.  Even though the lady close to me just won some bling I still really didn’t give a shit and just wanted to go home.  Nonetheless, I acquiesed and raised my little hands skyward… lo and behold, I caught a box.  I opened it and found a used kitchen set consisted of a platter, sugar bowl, cup and saucer, and what looked like a handmade ceramic strainer/sieve.  I opened the sugar bowl and there were remnants of sugar inside, dried and crusted on the surface.  The other lady gets a diamond and I get THIS?!  I was annoyed but I kind of liked the strainer because it was unique, and the pottery had a very pretty, colorful glaze on it.  I said “I’m keeping the schkool-a-bahst” (for all you readers, i spelled that last word phoentically but it was something my childhood best friend’s very Italian family called any type of strainer.  I don’t know if it’s even a real word but her family was from the Naples region of Italy in case anyone can help me out here.  I still like to say that word just cause it’s funny.)

Later, the same wedding couple was on a cruise ship, and my family and I somehow ended up on there, too.  I was standing with my Mom and we were looking out of the windows of the ship towards the front (the bow?  stern?  i dunno) where the bride and groom were floating in inner tubes in the ship’s pool.  Only it was FREEZING.  Like, ice and snow freezing.  The bride still had her gown on, and it was billowing up all around her and getting caught in the inner tube.  Their faces were white and frozen and they were just bobbing there in the blustery, wintry weather.  I decided to go for a walk and headed out to explore the ship.  There was no one else on the ship that I could see.  I made it down to the “basement” level (note: it looked very much like the basement of my childhood home) and then had this awful, immediate realization that my son was outside in the cold.  There was part of the basement that had access to the water outside (yeah i dont know about this part, very hard to explain) so I dove in headfirst and swam through the chilly water and eventually found him.  He was ok, and happy to see me.  I grabbed him and said that we had to swim back through the water to get inside so he could warm up.  I made him hold his nose and I was worried that he wouldn’t hold it the whole time or that he’d be scared once his head got wet, but… we took the plunge and I held him tight against me as we swam back inside toward the basement.  I must have made a wrong turn because I didn’t recognize anything underwater.  Eventually I saw a dim light and we surfaced, only we were inside of something very small.  We could breathe, but the space was very limited.  I looked around and noticed a few boxes of food and some vegetables, then I realized that we were inside of a refrigerator.  With a “Eureka!”-type feeling, I pushed the door open and we tumbled out into the room, safe and sound.