I was very pregnant in my dream last night. I was having contractions and went to the hospital. Strangely, I was in the waiting room like I was an ER patient. A nurse had put me in a wheelchair and sent me to wait in a hallway, and then took my blood pressure and other vitals right there in the hallway. I was having intense contractions and couldn’t speak or move all that well. The nurse had inserted an IV, and then injected something into the IV that made me lose consciousness. I woke up from it and was very confused, and hadn’t had my baby yet, but the contractions were gone. Some of the hospital staff came over to me and said that my family was here and that I could go home. I protested because I knew I was in labor, it had just stalled… and that I really needed to stay in the hospital! Still, I was made to leave. My Aunt J was there and she was comforting me, saying it was OK, they’d take me back to the house. I suddenly got very afraid and told her I was worried about my baby because I hadn’t felt it move in a long time. I told her I thought it had died and that I would deliver a stillborn. My Aunt said no, she was sure the baby was fine; then she put her hands INTO my belly and grabbed the baby’s legs. “He was just sleeping in a funny position”, she said, and then I looked down at my body and could see my baby, and I saw that he was a boy. Tears came to my eyes and I was thrilled beyond words that he was OK and that I was having another boy. I said his name in the dream (which I won’t mention here… sort of a sanctity, I suppose, since it’s my choice for a name if I have another son someday). My Aunt took her hands away and told me everything was going to be alright. I then went outside and got into a car. My sister was driving and I was in the passenger seat. There were 3 people in the backseat, my cousin L and her husband and one other person who I don’t remember. She drove me to my Aunt’s house, which was a huge mansion-type of a thing, and said that we’d all wait there until my labor started again. I said that no, I didn’t want to be there, I wanted to go to my own home where it was comfortable and I would be at ease. My cousin and her hubby got out of the car and said they would rather stay at the mansion-house. I was hurt that they chose to stay there instead of being supportive of me when I was about to have my baby…

woke up.

Interestingly enough, my page-a-day calendar message for today reads, “In the mind of a woman, to give birth to a child is the short cut to omniscience”. !!!