Well, it is coming.  Just not soon enough.  It was 103 degrees here yesterday.  One hundred and THREE.  I’m sorry South, but fuck that.  My Yankee blood can’t take it.  August is the hottest month of the year in my current place of residence, a fact that I have come to accept as begrudgingly as my annual OB/GYN check-up.  It’s just something you gotta do, lay there and TAKE IT bitch!

So, whilst I scurry from one air conditioned building to another, I am dreaming of crisp, brown leaves and fuzzy turtleneck sweaters; courderoys, apple pies and Halloween decor at Target.  I get all daydreamy during the Fall.  It’s my perfect time of year and maybe, just maybe, it will distract me enough to forget that it DOESN’T FUCKING SNOW HERE IN THE WINTER!!  AAARGH!

I wanna go home.  Waaah.