…and dance they did.  I thought this was a great season, and very possibly had the highest number of technically proficent dancers we’ve seen yet.  I was rooting for Katee and shouted a big exasperated “WHAT?!” at the TV when she was eliminated, but I’m pleased that Joshua won.  I wasn’t a big fan of his at first, but he grew on me and definitely looked great toward the end.  I hope he keeps his hair in braids… PLEASE.  Cornrows or cut it off, Joshua!  What I’m telling myself to rationalize Katee’s loss is that the finale was carefully edited… notice how they didn’t make the cuts in order of the number of votes, it was just “You are not the winner”.  My guess is that Katee was in second place, with a slim margin behind Joshua, but the producers wanted the final two to be the “untrained dancers”, the street dancers, for that extra boost in crowd pleasing political correctness.  Whatevs.

I was hoping that one of the judges’ favorites would have been my choice for the best dance so we could have seen it again, and I was a bit surprised that it wasn’t Mia Michaels’ pick (although she did say she had two favorites so I’m just going to pretend that this was her other choice).  Perhaps it’s just that Will looks so delicious in this number, but the piece was really beautiful, especially with the accompanying music.  Tyce Diorio rocks mah world.  I wonder if Jessica’s injury hadn’t improved enough to allow her to dance it?  Anyhoo – for indulgences’ sake I am posting it here as a fond farewell to my favorite summertime guilty pleasure: