last night’s dream had a good bit of ultraviolence.  if you check my older post about some dreams i’ve had, there is a tendency for my dreams to get gory… I like to call them ultraviolent.  so last night, i was a young child (probably 12 or 13) who was part of a class, like i was in some type of a school.  we were being led around in an organized fashion, perhaps we were new students… and we were observing different things happening in the “school” we were in.  i don’t remember speaking to anyone or being spoken to, but my classmates and i had this sort of silent comraderie.  none of us wanted to be there.  so we were led to this one area that looked sort of basement/dungeon-like, with dark, drippy, narrow tunnels.  we get to one area and are told to watch the leader (i guess whereever we were had some head honcho in charge of everyone) punish someone who had defied him in some way.  we’re watching as the leader takes a large knife, like a machete, and slices the man from his throat down to his abdomen.  then he turns him around and slices down his spine, and then proceeds to peel his skin off.  there is no sound.  no screams from the victim, no threats from the leader, no reactions from my classmates.  we are led to another area.  we continue walking through the hallways and eventually we see the guy with no skin again.  he is crawling across the floor, tethered to a heavy chain that he has to drag.  his body is oozing blood and clear fluids.  if he struggles or tries to relieve himself of pain, there is a long, heavy steel bar that scrapes along his sides and legs… so it’s self-inflicted.  he has to bear the pain of making his way across the hard, dirty floor or else he’ll only make it worse.  sick.

there is more to the dream… an attempted escape (we failed and were captured), a subsequent beating which i braced myself for but felt no pain, and a lecture given to the class by my stepfather who was dressed in a military uniform.  the dream ended strangely with me standing on line at a cafeteria while the lady in front of me (IRL, someone who i dislike at work) was complaining that she didn’t get a large enough portion of roast beef.

my head… i swear.