…very convoluted.  Several different sections that don’t fit together and are difficult to explain, but the one that is sticking out has to do with my sister and video games, except the game was “real”.  I was observing my sister work her way through some type of game scenario where she had to travel through different rooms, figure out puzzles and avoid pitfalls and The Bad Guy.  I was following her, sort of like I was attached to her shoulders by a string and was floating above her head.  Several of the rooms had cartoon-like faces on the floor with big eyes, sharp teeth and snapping jaws.  She had to step around the faces or jump across them quickly to avoid getting bitten.  There was also The Bad Guy who very much resembled Pyramid Head from Silent Hill chasing us (only it was the slow type of chase like Jason or Mike Myers).  Eventually we figured out that the viscious heads on the floor could be rolled up like a rug… we had gotten about halfway through the maze when we saw that the edges of the room weren’t attached to the walls, so together we rolled up the evil rug things and moved through much faster.  Eventually my sis told me that she had to go back to pick up something that we needed in order to get out… she had dropped it during an earlier level.  I had to stay where I was otherwise we’d lose our place.  She left me and I was in a dark room, crouched down on all fours next to what seemed like a dresser or file cabinet.  After a few minutes I heard footsteps and assumed she was coming back… but as the steps got closer I heard the heavy breath of The Bad Guy.  I buried my head between my knees and put my arms over my head and tried not to make a sound, hoping he wouldn’t see or hear me.  Then…


Alarm clock woke me up.