so last night at kung fu i had my first taste of being tossed around like a wet noodle.  although in my case, it was more like stale rigatoni.  gnocchi, maybe.  it was fun, i was always into tumbling ever since spending my adolesence on the gymnastics team and cartwheeling my way across my backyard.  Still… it has been a while, and gotDAMN my ass got huge since then.  it was like someone strapped a volley ball to my waist and when i tried to get up i just rolled backwards.  i was laughing at myself, at least.  and i think my partner rather enjoyed having a volley ball pressed up against his belly.  ahem.  ; )

i also bought a new pair of wushu training shoes, since the merrells i’ve had for a while have a zipper on top… which had been fine up until last night.  the top of my foot has a lump the size of a dunkin’ donuts munchkin from the stupid zipper digging into me as i was getting my ass whooped all over the place.

i have a long way to go before i’ll be considered proficient at shaolin kung fu (a blinding headache from all the falling kept me from finishing the last 15 minutes of class) but i still love it to pieces, injuries and all.