all over the place… i’ll have to separate them out and they might not necessarily be in order as I just woke up and am feverishly typing in the hopes that my ability to recall them remains fresh.

Some type of office building/dormitory.  I was there with old friends from high school (prolly because so many have turned up in facebook recently) as well as current and past co-workers, and some random friends.  Hubby was there too.  We came to “work” one time to see that all of our stuff had been taken away.  Our desks and personal areas were stripped of all of our possessions.  Everyone was freaking out, myself included.  Hubby and I were looking around and remembering the value of all of our stuff and getting angrier and angrier that they were gone.  Whoever or whatever was in charge of the facility where we were staying came in while everyone was out and cleaned house.  Took everyone’s stuff and moved it to a “secure location”.  Later, we were given an opportunity to go to the place where our things were kept and write our names on the items that were taken from us (not sure why, since it didn’t feel like the intent was to return them).  Our stuff was all in gray, non-descript cardboard boxes.  Hubby found our coffee maker and was yelling out that it cost so much money and how angry he was; that he wanted to be reimbursed for the value of it.  I found my jewelry box and broke down in hysterics… I was crying that my jewelry couldn’t have a value placed on it.  I had some of my grandmother’s diamonds and other sentimental pieces.  I was clinging onto the box for dear life, but was told there was no way I could get it back.  I was devastated. … Later in the dream, I was with a group of girls who planned an escape from what had now felt like a prison.  We were planning to infiltrate the place where the “bigwigs” were; the ones who took our stuff away.  I don’t really know what our intent was, but we were going.  We arrived, and had to try to blend in with the other women who were working there.  It seemed like something out of the 40’s (maybe?), they way everyone was dressed.  The women were plump and dressed very conservatively with pin curls and finger waves in their hair.  The first place we snuck into was their bathroom.  We were doing OK not being noticed until the Headmistress or whoever, called for everyone.  The girls sprang into action and filed out, still wearing their slips and other undergarment-type things.  We didn’t know what to do, so we did nothing.  We heard someone coming back so we crouched down real low and covered up with some towels that were lying around.  A few people came in looking around suspiciously and we stayed real low to the ground and army-crawled out of the door and down the hall.  The last part I remember of this dream was trying to fit under a bed that had pink linens on it.  I lifted up the bedskirt and tried to squeeze under… it was a tight fit and I thought my foot was sticking out… that was the end of this part.

Hubby and I were signing some paperwork as what felt like a mortgage closing.  There was a woman sitting across the desk from us who was handing us all of the documents that we needed to sign.   She told us that we had to pay some dividend to close the deal.  I was trying to read the fine print but Hubby took out the checkbook and I saw him write a check in the amount of $2,439.00.  I was all “Whoa, whoa, wait a minute, something is not right here” and explained how since we already owned a home we didn’t need to pay anymore money… not really sure what this was all about but I was making a stink about it.  I stood up and said “This is bullshit!” and I saw the couple behind me (friends of mine IRL) say something like, “I knew it!” and the husband high-fived me for defending us.  We later walked around and noticed how much they tried to cover up mistakes on the construction of the place we were supposedly buying… like the ceiling was sagging in places and the foundation was crumbling.  End of that one.

Brief snapshot-view of a man (in some way I feel like he was a drag queen) standing in a bathroom, over a bathtub filled with water, blood, and gross oozy types of body fleshy things.  He was crying, saying that he couldn’t do it.  The man who was dead under the water was his father.  He knew he had to get him out of there but didn’t want to do it.  He had a large container in his hand and scooped up some of the water.  He dumped it back in and fled the room crying, saying he didn’t have the stomach for the job… but he had to.

A group of girls and I, along with our group leader (felt a lot like a girl scout project, but we were older and less cheesy) were going to an old, abandoned house to prepare it for destruction.  We walked around the perimeter outside and placed explosives in the corners.  Inside, on each level, we placed more explosives and covered up holes that we thought would interfere with the process somehow.  We left the house and walked far across the street… it was a very pretty neighborhood and the weather was clear and bright.  Many of the other houses looked similar, in a Victorian style.  Our group leader (no one I know IRL) was holding the box with the detonator, and was ready to light the fuse which we had strung all the way across the street (I know it doesn’t make sense to have a detonator and a fuse, but whatever, it was a dream).  She pressed the button and moments later the house exploded in a fiery blaze of glory.  For a minute one of the girls in my group shouted that she thought one of the neighbors had stood too close to the house and was possibly injured.  I was talking to an old friend of mine who was also part of the group.  We were chatting about old boyfriends.  End of dream.

Last part was very vague but I was in an opera house, and I had gotten lost.  I was trying to get back outside or in the audience but I found myself in a part of the building where the performers gathered to rehearse.  The building was very regal with rich, red velvet upholstery, red walls, and everything was guilded in gold.  I was near a very large, dark, curving polished wood staircase which I was about to ascend, hoping it was a way out.

Das it.