I’ve been overeating lately.  M&Ms here, some cake there, a handful or three of Utz potato chips….  it’s bad.  It’s one of those “I am eating because I am stressed” phases (I haven’t blogged a whole lot about the stress as it involves the health of my soon-to-be three year old… not life-threatening, but sanity threatening for sure).  I much prefer the “I am starving myself and working out like a madwoman because I am stressed” phases, but those tend to be few and far between.

Few and far between.  Like the amount of room my waistband has before it snaps.  Which is not a lot.

Why do cycles always tend to be vicious?  I eat because I’m unhappy… and I’m unhappy because I eat.  And then I slack off.  Finally I get mad at myself and get my glutinous ass back in gear and it all works out.

This is just a phase.

(until the holidays…. om nom nom)