Definitely one of my more unusual dreams!

I was in a doctor’s office.  One of the nurses was working with me, and she asked me to follow her into the hallway and she would lead me to where my procedure was to take place.  She said to be quiet because the room she was taking me to wasn’t really allowed to be there, because they performed operations there that were supposed to take place at the hospital.  She told me that when she got to a point where she slowed down, I was supposed to duck into the nearest room.  When she stopped walking, I turned to my right and saw a dimly lit room with a few gurneys and other medical equipment inside.  The nurse shoved me in and closed the door behind us.  I got on the operating table and there was someone else on the table next to me; another patient.  I feel like I know who the person is, but couldn’t identify them other than they were female, and very tall.  The doctor came in and proceeded to cut my legs off, just below the knee.  He then cut the other patient’s legs off, and then sewed my legs to hers and her legs to mine.  Once we were all sewn up, I was led back to the waiting room where someone was waiting to take me home (not sure who this was but it felt like Hubby or a male friend of mine).  I was laughing hysterically at this point, almost like I was drunk.  I was saying, “Dude!!  Look at my LEGS!  Bwaahahahaaa!”.  The dream changed a bit here and I was in my aunt’s former house in NY.  I was standing in their office (on my new legs) when all of a sudden I felt a tremendous sharp pain around where the cuts were made.  I had to brace myself on the bookshelf.  Someone was there with me and told me that the pain was normal, it was just because the nerves from my legs were growing into the new flesh and they were going to hurt for a while.  I got very upset at this point, almost like I was in a deep depression.  I didn’t want to live in pain.  The dream changed again a little and I was in some type of informal meeting room, like a support group.  A bunch of women were sitting on the floor in a circle, with a large, round table in the center.  The table was low to the floor and there were candles burning and books and other assorted items strewn about.  I was sitting in the circle, feeling extremely sad and even more withdrawn.  I didn’t want to speak or even make eye contact with anyone.  The room was very dark and I was wearing a long, colorful skirt (dark colors like maroons and deep greens and golds) made out of a lightweight fabric.  My hair was very long and was hanging all around me.  I was holding a piece of marble or stone to my right cheek.  The marble was flat on one side (the side that I was pressing to my face) and jagged/rough on the other side.  The woman sitting to the right of me was older than I was; she had long, grayish white hair pulled back with a leather string that hung down her back.  She had very light skin and pale blue eyes.  She understood me somehow.  She looked at me and could sense my emotional state.  She said, “I have something I want to make for you”, and she pulled some objects out of a patterned, quilted bag she wore around her waist.  She took a clear crystal, about an inch and a half long, and wrapped a gold wire around the top and strung it down in a spiral around the crystal.  She hung something from the bottom of it, and then placed a small, round jewel of some sort in the middle that contained an essential oil.  She told me to keep it with me and it would guard me and improve my mood.  I was very grateful to her and I knew that she understood this, without me having to say anything.  It was a bit like we were communicating telepathically.

That was all.