For those of you who are not my Facebook friends, or if you are and you didn’t notice this, allow me to indulge you on a “discussion” that I’ve been having today.

Someone posted a negative article about Barack Obama.  Being an Obama supporter, I commented on the post, with no bad intentions, but to simply point out that some of the statements were false (you can see the original article through the Snopes link in my comment).  I’ve never been one to refrain from speaking my mind, but in doing so, I try to uphold respect for other people and their beliefs.  It goes without saying that political discussions can get heated, but again I meant no ill will and never thought the situation would have escalated.  The attack that I got from the original poster’s friend completely floored me.  I am in awe that people can speak this way about complete strangers and then continue to defend their position.  I haven’t seen shit like this since 8th grade:

at 10:46am
It might help to know the facts and understand how easily words can be taken out of context:

A wrote
at 10:49am
I agree But I still do not want Obama for President!

Jill Roman-Nash wrote
at 10:55am
I don’t know where the 143 days comes from, either. He’s been a Senator since 1997 (you can check his Wikipedia page). You are entitled to your vote, I just gotta stand up for mine, too! : )

J wrote
at 11:48am
Bottomline who in their right mind wants to pay higher taxes?

Jill Roman-Nash wrote
at 11:56am
Those who want to give our children better educations…

A wrote
at 11:58am
I will send Sofia to Catholic School for a better education and my taxes will be high in NJ…

and NO obama ( barf)

J wrote
at 12:21pm
Jill YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!! I want to give more of my hard earned money to the government because I think I should pay more than I do already. Why do I have to contribute any more of my money that I WORK FOR to help those who don’t share the same work ethic as myself. Obama wants me to give more to help people like you-apparently you do not work and rely on welfare and other government programs to pay your way. You must be so happy that if this man becomes president you will have to work even less than you do now.
Well, heres a tip for you because I am sure that you work minimum wage-business owners-you know the people who hire you-they will have to increase their business and revenue to keep you employd under Obama. Chances are you will be out of a job.

Jill Roman-Nash wrote
at 12:33pm
Jennifer, you don’t know anything about me. Your immaturity shows that a healthy political debate is out of the question. Theresa, I am sorry for even commenting, and I won’t continue this conversation if your friends are going to be so nasty. There are a million things I want to say right now, but I won’t say them.


A wrote
at 12:37pm
I believe everyone is allowed to say and feel whatever they want to?
You can support Obama and I don’t have to but we can debate it and be friends can’t we?

J wrote
at 12:40pm
Jill, its not that I am immature, you are uneducated on these topics. I said nothing that isn’t true. You are simply blinded by the smoke and mirrors of Obama to see what the real issues are at hand.
Do you know what Obama will do to the business owners of this country? Do you own a business that will be effected? That is the reality that millions of business owners will face if this man is elected. If you were in my bracket and my position you would understand the harsh reality of him becoming president. But you are not-if not you would be concerned.
I refuse to have a battle with a tree hugging liberal who is more concerned with saving a planet that will die long after we are gone. Have a nice life. Enjoy the government programs.

Jill Roman-Nash wrote
at 12:45pm
Yes, Theresa, I was hoping to have a friendly discussion about it before I was accused of being something I’m not.

And Jennifer, I am not even going there.

This is my private blog and therefore I am going to say what I really wanted to say to this Jennifer person.

Jennifer, if your daughter was bleeding to death in an alley because she had no other choice but to give herself an abortion with a coat hanger, how happy would you be that your business saved a few hundred dollars in taxes? When your son dies in Iraq because our military refused to pull out, would you be counting your lucky stars that you sided with century-old economic policies? When your friends and family lose their jobs because our country can find cheaper labor overseas, will you look the other way? Oh wait, you have a business to think about, you can’t spare a dime for anyone else. Of course we don’t need to care about the environment, all of the hurricanes and tsunamis only happen to poor people in the South and in third world countries! So when all of our oil reserves have been depleted and there’s no gas left for your customers to drive to your business, I will gladly walk my tree hugging ass to your place of employment and KICK YOU IN YOUR TEETH, YOU FUCKING CUNT. Good luck finding an insurance plan to cover your reconstructive surgery.