If you are anything like me, which if you aren’t, I am sorry, but since we’ll assume you are, that means you love (among commas and excessive punctuation), all things that are within the realm of the tasty pumpkin pie palate.

This past Saturday, whilst I was at the hair salon, I noticed a new flavor adorning the ranks of their candy bowl.

Hershey’s kisses pumpkin spice flavor!!! (If and when you try one, you will see why that needed three exclamation points and had to be shown in bold typeface).  I proceeded to eat 3 of them in rapid succession, followed by 2 on my way out (hey it was a 2 hour and 20 minute appointment, a girl’s gotta eat).  Unfortunately, the second one i grabbed “for later” got melty in my pocket.  I had to lick the wrapper when I got in my car.

They had a candy corn flavor too, but, I don’t like candy corn.  These, however, were a little morsel of divinity.  Do yo’self a favor and grab a bag or two next time you’re out!

om nom nom

om nom nom