this time it’s my husband’s!  he dreamt that he killed me.  it took him over a day to tell me about the dream because he was worried i would be upset or angry… but he should know me better than that.  shoot, i’ve done worse things to myself in dreams.  anyway – he killed me by tossing a shovel at me (we were gardening, and he was only trying to “pass” it to me).  it struck me on the head and killed me where i stood.  he got really nervous in the dream that if he called the police they would think it was intentional and arrest him, so he took my body and put it in a giant flower that was growing in our second-story guest room.  the flower, he says, was dark purple; almost black.  his parents came to the house and wondered where i was, so he told them what happened and went upstairs to get my corpse.  his parents told him it would be alright to call the authorities… not sure if he did, but that was the end of his dream.  he kept saying, “i was so nervous!  they were going to charge me with murder!”  and i’m all, “gee, how about feeling BAD that your WIFE and the mother of your child is DEAD!”  no, none of that.  insert eye-rolling icon here.

just wait, i’ll conjur up something medieval in return… mwuaahahaha!

love you too, honey!!