i had several different dreams last night.  i’ll try to recount as much as i can.

i was in a hospital… more like a clinic, actually.  it was very crowded and i was not there for myself but to be with someone i cared about who was having a procedure done.  i don’t know who the person was IRL but it was male and felt like a brother-type figure.  the room we were in felt like a triage center – there were nurses scuttling everywhere and patients of all sorts lying on stretchers or on the floor.  it was chaotic.  i was in the middle of it all.  before me was a metal tray, something you’d see in an operating room.  on the tray were 3 different types of body tissue:  lung, stomach and eye.  the tissue samples were meant for my “brother”.  I was waiting there with the metal tray and eventually a nurse signaled to me that it was time to come over.  I picked up the tissue samples in my hands and brought them over to her, where my “brother” lay unconscious on a gurney.  he was intubated and prepped but still in the midst of the crowded room.  the nurse instructed me to lay the tissue samples on another metal tray, where there were already larger pieces of lung and stomach.  She then used a medicine dropper to squirt some type of solution on the small pieces that I had brought over, as once I set them down on the larger tray, they began to move.  The nurse was squirting the edges of the samples to prevent them from growing the wrong way… the solution was killing off the outer pieces of the tissue sample and forcing the smaller and larger pieces together, making it look like mercury was pooling.  Eventually the lung pieces and the stomach pieces fused together.  Once they were completely joined, the lung expanded like it was taking a breath, and the stomach regurgitated some type of liquid, which oddly reminded me of a juice drink I had earlier in the dream.  I don’t really know what happened to the portion of the eye that I had, it just stayed on the metal tray.  Anyway, after that happened I was sent to wait in another part of the room.  Because the staff knew that I had an emotional attachment to the patient, they didn’t want me to see what was going on, so I was told to stand in an area of the room and pull a curtain around myself, the same type of curtains that you see dividing patients in hospital rooms, only it formed a tight circle around me.  I was nervous being in there because I didn’t think it provided enough buffer between me and my loved one.  I was upset and asked one of the nurses to send someone over who could distract me.  She came over after a few minutes… she was very cheerful and young, with long brown, wavy hair.  She began to tell me a joke about a foreigner.  I laughed, and when I opened my mouth, a large amount of saliva came out, like I hadn’t swallowed in a while.  I had to wipe my chin.  Around the same time, I could see shadows beyond the curtain of my loved one being wheeled out of the room… I woke up then.

There were other dreams, unrelated to this.  I’ll write more later.