been having pretty wild dreams for the past few nights.  last night i dreamt about some government/military coup in China.  The lines were pretty blurred as sometimes it looked like China but other times like Long Island (where I grew up).  I was in a car with my sister driving, one friend riding shotgun and the other in the backseat with me.  We were running away from the war that was going on all around us.  The military was shooting at anyone and everything that wasn’t on their side, including civilians.  We were on the highway speeding in and out of cars, zig-zagging to get away from the “bad guys”.  It was orderly chaos – all the cars on the road were driving at breakneck speed like we were, but no one was crashing.  At one point we saw a big tanker truck stop in the middle of the road, cutting off traffic.  The hatch opened and a large box rolled out on the street.  All of a sudden it exploded, only it threw bullets and shrapnel in every direction – it was one of the weapons the military was using.  I yelled at my sister to step on it, and I could see out the back window how close the bullets were coming to the car, but she outran them.  Or so I thought… I heard her say she thought one hit her, and when I looked there was a bullet in the back of her head, sticking out halfway.  Now, the bullets… these were no normal bullets… they looked like razor blades.  They were razor blades, actually, only painted bright red with black tips.  Sick.  So Jenna had a razor blade in her head and yet she was coherent enough to keep driving.  We ended up having to get off the highway, and found ourselves in some kind of city.  Thousands of people were running around, and there were snipers on practically every rooftop, literally shooting at everyone.  Those razor blade bullets were everywhere, and so were the casualties.  My friend in the backseat turned to me and told me how much he loved me, and that he always had and that he was happy to be with me when the end came.  Then I noticed he had a razor blade bullet thing stuck in his head sideways.  I was looking out the window at an intersection, it seemed like the main square of the downtown area that we were in.  The military was still shooting like mad.  Suddenly, it all stopped.  Sort of a “cease fire” I guess… and then it all morphed, like a fast forward, and the scene was peaceful and residents were strolling around, the streets were clean, and the sun was shining.  I was in awe at how it could all return to normal after such a horrible onslaught.