welcome to my pity party.

i am sick with some fucked up non-strep version of strep throat.  it’s just a virus but holy crap this shit is so annoying.  my throat is dry and scratchy, i can’t swallow and my voice sounds like Carol Channing on her deathbed (is she dead yet?  No?  well, i can imagine this is what she would sound like).  I am in the worst freakin’ mood.  I can’t sleep at all, have no appetite and am seriously a horrible person to be around.  Having to spend the past 4 hours in the house with a whiny 3-year old and a dog that wont stop barking has seriously made me in awe of my self-control… how i managed to keep from pulling out all of the hair on my head and then moving to my eyebrows is nothing short of a miracle.  to have a really viscious sore throat and no way around not having to talk (i’ve repeated myself 90 times that yes, my child, you do in fact have plenty of ketchup on your plate) is agonizing and exhausting.   i just want to pack a suitcase and drive myself to the airport and buy a one way ticket to Antigua.  Or Turks & Caicos.  St. Lucia, maybe.

i’m not dealing with this latest change in my life with any sense of joy or grace at all.  more on that change at a later date…. for now it’s all i can do to keep myself showered and employed.