here i am, not apologizing.  hello again, interwebs, how’s your father? so let’s see, i should begin with an update, i suppose.

i still like typing in lowercase.  something about the shift-key interfering with my stream of consciousness upsets me, so i can’t being myself to use it.. unless there is really something i need to emphasize, like how i am PREGNANT! but i cheated and just used the caps lock key for that.  so yeah… after a bad 2008 in the baby-realm, hubby and i have once again joined our little morsels of DNA and my body has become host to my angel parasite baby.  yes, i am truly happy, but it has felt very much like a parasite because i have been SO.  VERY.  SICK.  (caps lock again!)  nausea and cookie-tossing and all of that.  of course, being ever paradoxical, my body has eschewed morning sickness in favor of night sickness… meaning that 5pm is about my cut-off for anything solid.  i’ve lost weight, which my doc was not too thrilled about, but it makes it easier for me since i haven’t told work yet and i can get away with it, as i’m not quite showing (strange for me since i popped around 9 weeks with the last ones).  unfortunately night sickness makes it hard on hubby and child, since i can’t bear to cook dinner for any of us.  my son has also been on a fish stick binge lately which is reeeeally not pleasant to the olfactory senses.  the good news is that i am getting better in the pukey department… almost 11 weeks along now.  my little thumper is due august 9th, but being that i’m doomed for another cesarean, he or she will be arriving about a week before the due date.  being 9-10 months pregnant in the blistering heat of the southern carolina sunshine will be SO MUCH FUCKING FUN I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT.  so yeah, there’s that.

anyone who follows me on facebook will also know that we recently adopted a little doggy from a rescue operation in SC.  he was meant to be ours, for sure… one of those truly tangible kismet moments where i was browsing Petfinder without much thought, then BAM!  There was Milton’s fabulous furry face staring back at me.  A few emails and phone calls later and he showed up at our doorstep.  we kept his name, because really, it’s hard to top Milton (he keeps asking me for his stapler, though, what’s that about?).  he’s a 22 pound mutt, but the vet thinks he is mainly corgi and golden retreiver.  in other words, so cute he will melt your retinas.  Milton has the patience of a saint and doesn’t seem to mind when my 3 year old steps on his ass/head/tail/face.  not that we encourage that behavior.  overall he is a perfect little doggy.  sure he is annoying at times, like having a penchant for seeing how many times he can trip me in 3 minutes, or how he will bark at anyone walking past the house (i’m trying to train him to only bark at republicans), or how anytime i am eating anything at all, he is all “WOWTHATLOOKSSOGOODOHMYGOSHIMUSTHAVESOMERIGHTAWAYNOWFEEDME!”  Milton rocks.  Here is Milton.

In other news, work sucks.  wait, is that news?  More so for the other half who is dealing with the bank nonsense.  we’ve got a side project in the works, though… look out, people, it’s gonna be big!  we’re in the baby steps phase, which is why i am being so cryptic, but suffice it to say when there is news, i will report it.  and for those of you who know me well, it has to do with where we went on our honeymoon.  that’s the only hint i can drop right now.  but damn we are excited.  fuck this corporate shit.  wow i really love using foul language… is it part of my new yorker-ness?  probably.  fuckingshitassdammitcuntwhore!  ahhh, sweet catharsis.

alright that should be enough for now, i’m going to try to get back to a normal posting schedule with dream recaps (which have been soooo weird lately, you guys have been missing out!), video clips, song lyrics and other nonsensical nonsense.  thanks for reading and sticking with me.