February 2009

Thanks, JA!

this is pretty much my idea of perfection.  not too “modelesque” or pretty, but absolutely breathtaking… looks like someone to keep me warm.  in many ways.

ok, i need to slap myself out of this fog.


to be more accurate, it was this morning’s dream.  it occurred between 6:20AM when I heard my husband get out of the shower and 6:42AM when he turned the light on and woke me up.

i was in the old house i grew up in on long island.  my high school crush had come over to hang out with me, and he said that he needed a record player.  i told him to follow me and we went upstairs, and i pulled out some old turntable i had stowed away somewhere.  we were sitting on the floor of the hallway, and he was playing different records… they were not music, more like spoken word or even something science related.  my mom kept bothering us, like stepping around us to get the laundry and stuff.  she sat down next to me eventually and winked at me, like, “i can see why you like this boy, he is totally cute”.  and i knew that she knew we were sleeping together… so once i realized she wasn’t going to leave us alone i glared at her and said, “mom get the FUCK out of here”.  my boyfriend blushed and chuckled to himself and my mom pretended to look appalled but she really found it funny.  she left.

woke up.

At the end of the day, I am pleased that the “good guys” had the upper hand. What saddens me is the majority chose not to take a side at all.

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This made me laugh!  I can’t add anything funnier to it than what has already been said… here’s what I found on Gawker today:

Martha Stewart‘s show today was all about pot! Pot pot pot! Jimmy Fallon was there, and he talked about pot! But right in the middle of the winky-drug jokes GOD INTERVENED.

And thank Him for it! Martha was all slurring her way through the first of what was to be an hour of weird drug double-entendres (Jimmy was going to make chili in a CROCK-POT, see?), but no, time to listen to Cardinal Egan introduce the new archbishop instead.”

Just go HERE and watch the video.  Too funny.

Love this video, love the song even more.

OMFG.  Best one yet, this season.

Theyre baaaaack

They're baaaaack

This is one of the most disturbing and yet oddly fascinating pieces of literature I’ve read in a while.  I’ve always been interested in the human body from a scientific perspective,  and my “gag reflex” is pretty strong… meaning, it takes a lot to gross me out.  This almost did it, on the last page…. but more than disgust I was overwhelmed with sympathy for the poor sap.  Read on, and then go order a salad.

The Worm Within, by Vincent Eaton (click the last word to get to the next page)

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