For the record, I’m not a Daughtry fan.  I don’t dislike their music, per se, it’s just not my thang.  Still, I hear them on the radio every now and then… their latest song, “What About Now”, always makes me think of the song “Alone” by Heart.   Finally I remembered to look them both up to see if my suspicions were founded – and I think they are!  Granted, it’s only the first few bars of the Daughtry song that sounds so much like “Alone”, but nonetheless, I’m convinced that they’re eerily alike.  Intentional or not, I have issues with artists that copy other artists (Ahem, Coldplay!  Er, cough cough…).  So there you have it.  Judge for yourself:

Daughtry – What About Now (YouTube)

Dammit, they won’t let me embed it, so click here to hear the song

Heart – Alone (YouTube)

UPDATED: People, I KNOW the majority of the song is very different.  I only meant to compare the intro’s…