well, i really should have blogged about this when it happened, since it was about 5 nights ago now and my memory has the dream all fuzzy and dim.  nonetheless, it was a weird dream, so i figured i’d post.

i was in a forest with a couple dozen other people (strangers, all around my age).  we were tasked to ascend to some higher plane of existence.  in doing so, our souls would merge with others around us, based on some law of compatibility.  sort of like, which couple or group of people would make a better soul if all parts were combined into one.  we were being instructed by a disembodied voice; some greater evolved soul that was orchestrating our event.  i don’t know who or what it was, only that it was female.  what we had to do was form a huddle and close our eyes and come up with as many words to describe our planet and our human race as we could.  once we reached a certain “quota”, we’d be there.  sort of like some colossal game of Mad Libs.  anyway, a large portion of the dream was without any imagery… it was all black, just words and voices swirling around with all of the adjectives and nouns that we could muster.  i recall my contribution was “atmosphere”, and it was one of the last words accepted by this leader-spirit-woman.  everything clicked then, and we were more or less in the same area as we had been in the forest, only now we had moved some and were on the edge of a lake.  i was laying facedown in the sand, like i had crash-landed there, and the water from the lake was lapping up all around me.  the water was bright orange.  i raised my head and i saw a man and a woman standing on the shore, smiling blissfully at each other.  i felt instantly jealous, and i don’t really know why.  i could tell that my soul had merged with 3 others… two older men and a young woman.  i suppose i wanted to be linked to the man on the shore somehow, but it wasn’t meant to be.  i wasn’t happen with the souls that mine had joined with, but overall i was pleased that we succeeded in the whole “soul ascension” project.

the end.  kinda bizarre.