May 2009

I believe I posted another video of this guy a while back.  Color me lazy, I don’t feel like searching for it.  Here he is again, and he is seriously way too awesome for words.  And I still want to borrow his services for an evening… heh.


Yes, I am a Sookie Stackhouse Series/True Blood fanatic, particularly with regard to Eric.  I am quite content in my little fantasy world, so who are you to judge me?! Alright, anyway, this is just about the hottest thing I’ve seen for Season Two of True Blood so far, and my goodness Alexander Skarsgard makes me moist.

had a couple koo-koo dreams last night.  pretty much all over the place but they seemed to share a common theme of loss, fear, and children.  here goes, probably not in sequential order:

dreamt that my friend Laura was on death row.  well.. not quite death row in the sense that she was in a maximum security prison and shackled to a cement wall, but she had been wrongly accused of some sort of moral/ethical crime by a very extreme religious right person.  it felt sort of like the government as we know it ceased to exist and there was a new way of judging and incriminating people.  in this case, it was an older man who was an extreme right-wing, Bible-thumping freak.  anyhoo, she was being held in some type of a facility similar to a prison, but she was able to have her belongings with her and would write notes and letters about what she was going through.  she was being held there because she had been accused of stealing water from a home with a new baby, by somehow tapping into the home’s water supply and rerouting it somewhere else… the religious dude who imprisoned her was on a rampage about how she was trying to kill the baby, and how insignificant my friend Laura’s life was in comparison to this new life… the thing is, Laura didn’t do it.  I don’t really know how to describe the situation, only that she was going to be put to death because she attempted to make her life seem more important in the public eye versus the life of a newborn baby.  But again, she was innocent, and I don’t know how I knew that, but I did.  During her stay in this prison-thing, I was desperately trying to get her out and prove that she did not belong there.  I was writing letters to the committees that were in charge, and making phone calls, and organizing people, et cetera.  Unfortunately, it seemed like my efforts were in vain… at one point I saw Laura in handcuffs being escorted outside where she was to meet her “punishment”.  I was deeply upset and frustrated that all of the work I had put in to save her had been for naught… but finally, in one last ditch effort, I wrote a letter pleading straight to the guy in charge that Laura should be set free.  I ran over to where Laura was being held, she was wearing a brown jumpsuit and was crying, and being held on both sides by two burly looking bodyguard types.  There was another administrative person overseeing the events, and I handed him the note.  He read it, and nodded, and said that Laura should be let go until the head religious dude could consider what I had said.  So Laura was unlocked and she ran over to me, and we got the hell out of there.  We were both blubbering messes, cause Laura was so sure she was going to die and had been trying to come to terms with it, and I had been working so tirelessly to prove her innocence.  Finally, I get a letter from the head dude saying that although he let Laura go, she would still be judged in the eyes of Jesus and it would not be long before fate caught up with her.  The letter was a combination of sloppy penmanship, words typed with a typewriter and whited-out sentences.  I was surprised that someone so “official” would send out such shoddy work.  Anyway, that was pretty much all for that part.  I didn’t care what the guy wrote in his letter because Laura was free.

Another dream, I was hanging out in an apartment building/high-rise with my virtual friend Cecily.  Suddenly, an earthquake/hurricane/some-sort-of-natural-disaster hit, and the building lost power and began to shake.  Cecily high-tailed it out of the apartment and told me to follow, she was going to take the stairs out.  We were on a pretty high floor, so we knew it would take a while.  She left first and I followed soon after, but long enough to not be able to see her in front of me.  There was no one else around.  As I was walking down the stairs I saw a copy machine on one of the landings… and I went over to it and lifted the top, only to see there was a large roll of film attached on the inside and I had just exposed it to light.  I slammed the top shut and then felt badly that I had ruined someone’s roll of film… not sure why, but I decided right then to develop it.  I hit a button on the machine and it spat out 4 different images, all very large prints (about 16×20 if not larger).  Of course being that the power was out, I really don’t know how the machine worked, but hey – it was a dream.  Dream magic.  Anyway, I continued downstairs and at the bottom floor was a subway line.  I waited for a train and then got on, and it took me a little ways and I ended up in what looked like a basement or bomb shelter.  Cecily was there waiting for me.  I sat down next to her and showed her the pictures I had developed… I knew they wouldn’t be of such great quality since I had fogged the film, but they were surprisingly pretty good.  They were all of me, which I found strange because I didn’t recall anyone taking my picture.  One of them had me and my sister sitting side-by-side on playground swings.  Cecily took one of the shots of me alone and started to draw a frame around it.  At the bottom, she wrote a couple of things about how much we like Dunkin Donuts caramel lattes.  I’m chalking that last bit up to dreams that truly don’t make any fucking sense because not only do I not like those frou-frou types of blended coffee drinks, but I would NEVER order one from Dunkin Donuts.  Zech.  So that was that.

Another part, I was sitting next to Ellen Degeneres and she was telling me how she was pregnant, but she lost the baby at 14 weeks.  I was very obviously pregnant, so I felt a little bit guilty… and I could see she had tears in her eyes, but I didn’t know what to say.  All I did was rub her shoulder and say “I am so sorry, I’ve lost a baby before, too.  I know how hard it is… I am so sorry”.

The last big dream I had involved my best friend Liz and her middle son Matthew, who is about the same age as my son, Jackson.  I was visiting Liz and her family for the weekend.  She lived in Brooklyn (totally not true IRL), sort of on the edge of a bad neighborhood, but she was raving about her town and how much she loved living there.  We took Matthew to a playground that was behind a school.  It was a beautiful day and we were sitting on a bench chatting, watching her son play.  Every now and then I would go over and play with Matthew, telling him what a big boy he was and how tall he was for his age, much taller than my son.  After some time, the school we were near let out for recess, and a ton of kids poured into the playground.   Some of the kids were older, and Liz and I were wondering what they were doing there, since they seemed very obviously out of place.  They were also obviously from the “bad part” of the neighborhood.  Liz turned to me and said we should leave, because Matthew doesn’t do well in large crowds.  We got up to go, only we couldn’t find Matthew.  He had disappeared amongst the throngs of school children.  Naturally, Liz panicked, and I did, too, only I held my shit together a tiny bit more.  We were both running all over the playground looking for him, calling his name… and then I told Liz that I was going to go inside the school and call 911, and see if I could gather some teachers to help with the search.  She said OK, so I went inside.  When I got in, I realized that the “bad kids” had taken over the administration.  There were no teachers or responsible adults anywhere.  At first I was taken aback, because even though these kids were teenagers, they were very obviously gang members and most of them were armed.  When they saw me enter, I had guns pointed to my face and I was shouted at, demanded to know what I was doing there.  I held my hands up but since my concern for Matthew was still taking precedence, I did not show my fear and I spoke sternly to them that I had an emergency and I needed to call for help.  The first group let me go and pointed to where I could find a phone.  I had to walk through a couple of different rooms to get to the phone, and each time I was met with the same confrontation (apparently they didn’t communicate with each other that I was passing through).  Finally I got to the phone and called 911, who said they would send help.  I was able to get back out faster, and when I reached the playground, the crowd had thinned out but Liz was also gone.  I ran around now calling for both Liz and Matthew.  I ran out of the gate that surrounded the playground and started down the street a ways.  I turned a corner, and there was Liz, along with her son.  Her face was tear-stained but relieved, and Matthew was fine but he looked guilty… she told me that when the other boys and girls came out to play, he got scared and started walking home.  Liz had met up with him and were on their way back to explain to me what had happened.  I was completely relieved, but still quite shaken by the events.  I kneeled down and gave Matthew a hug and told him how scared he had made me and his Mommy.  His big brown eyes looked back and me and I knew he had felt badly about it, but it was all water under the bridge now.  He was safe.

Dream over.

I am dedicating this song to my very awesome friend Dana:

He’s got one hell of a voice too, eh?

Stole this from Zoomdoggle, but it’s WELL WORTH the repost!  This chick totally floored me.

WHEN: May 28 – June 1
WHERE: Berlin
WHAT: “The World Championship is a five days music festival with battles, showcases, workshops and the Beatbox Battle World Conference. Over 140 vocal percussion and beatboxing artists from more than 30 different countries will take part in the event. The whole program will be broadcast live online free of charge. For complete details, check out their website, but for a jaw-dropping morning rush, check out the online Wild Card Champ (ie, the newcomer who won entry via YouTube) 17 year old Julia Dales, from Canada.

Eric, Eric, Eric… why must you be so tantalizing?

Ok, I sort of mean YOU, Alexander Skarsgard … good heavens, could you be any more beautiful?

Can’t wait for True Blood Season 2!

Just finished Book 9 of the Sookie series and I am hoping HBO holds onto it long enough to cover some of the latest revelations…

If I had seen this yesterday it TOTALLY would have made my day!

Saturday Night Live with Justin Timberlake & Andy Samberg

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