today is mother’s day.  i got my mom her first DSLR camera and i can’t WAIT to give it to her.

unfortunately i’m participating in my own little pity party… i didn’t get a mother’s day gift.  i woke up to see that my husband straightened up the living room, which is great, but… well my feelings are really hurt.  it’s not even the materialism, i swear… i don’t need jewelry or anything fancy, in this case it really is the thought that counts and my husband apparently didn’t have me too high on his list of priorities.  a few logistics – he was in NY for 2 days for a funeral, so i do give him a pass in some respects, but… that was thursday through saturday morning, already last minute in terms of gift getting.  he claims that he postponed the gift he wanted to get me because we haven’t decided on a name for the baby yet, and he wanted to get me something personalized with our sons names.  Okay, well… that suggestion came directly from me.  i sent him some links last sunday night of a cute handmade necklace from Etsy that I liked, thinking “in case this moron hasn’t thought of a gift for me yet, at least he can order one”.  those links were sent with the assumption that he had already made a purchase, and maybe this was just a hint i could drop for when i give birth in about 10 weeks.  that backfired, eh?  so here i am, the mother of his 3 1/2 year old son, 27 weeks pregnant with son #2, and i get a cheesy ass hallmark card which he KNOWS i can’t stand (seriously those oversized sentimental cards with glitter and flowers make me want to puke), and i get the pleasure of not having to step on matchbox cars in the living room for a couple of hours.  i really hope i can convey how little the actual gift would have mattered… truly, i am not that materialistic.  but jesus christ, it’s fucking MOTHER’S DAY and all i can think of is what a heartless piece of shit i married; someone who couldn’t have given advance thought to showing me that he appreciates me one the one day a year where mothers get some special recognition. the one day where maybe he’d acknowledge the difficulty of carrying a child and the pride he might have for calling me his wife and the mother of his children.  i guess now i’ll just go to my mom’s house and be happy to be in her company, and hope she loves her camera as much as i will love giving it to her.

i’m just really hurt.

happy mother’s day to the moms of the universe, i hope your husbands show how much they love you.