So You Think You Can Make Some Small Amount of Money Doing Something You Love


Well yeah, I do, is that so wrong? I am hankering to get going but haven’t yet found the right push, whether it be found internally and emotionally or through some not-yet identified benefactor.  I want to live. I am ready to live… grasp the proverbially bull by the horns, but right now life seems to be against me, like, way over there in that other guy’s corner. Can I get life to just drop by for a minute, lend me an ear, and even throw me a crumpled up buck or two? I am really, really tired of pain. Of disappointment and crisis and settlement. It’s always me, me, me, woe is me, woe are the things that get fucked up and stuck and make me say things like “woe is me”. I do know it’s not all about me, that’s not what I mean here… just that I would like to be an expert at something other than dealing with catastrophe and hurt. I want to SHINE and rise and sing and explode with a light so bright it makes you wish you brought your sunglasses. C’mon, world, let me live. Let me smile and dance and learn and create. Let me BE.

Cause I’ve had enough of your shit.