February 2010

this was the most beautiful thing anyone’s ever done for me. well, apart from giving me my babies of course…


The Cosmic Joke, by Charles Bukowski

men and women finally break.
men and women
deliberately abandon their
loved ones in madhouses
sedated or
until they die.

cats kill cats at
3 a.m. in the morning
chewing off the front
legs and opening the
leaving stiffened fur
and still forms
for any collector of
garbage and life
past gone.

so many wish to be kind
and understanding
so many wish to act educated
and knowing
so many use the word
as if they meant

and too many believe it
when they hear it.

our chances are negated
by our very desire to
be kind.

we’ve got to raise taxes
so we can feed and
clothe and amuse
all those
in madhouses and elsewhere
who believed in love
when there was so

My departure from Corporate America to raise my children was the best decision I’ve ever made.  Granted this job is WAY harder and the vacation/sick day policy sucks, but moments like these make it all worthwhile.  I love my boys more than anything.  Literally… anything!  They are my life and I thank God for their health and happiness every day.  OK, someone call the schmaltz police!

i found this thoroughly entertaining

for those of you living under a rock, this is an a cappella version of “just dance” by lady gaga

yesterday was my birthday and it was a little sucky.  i miss my Nana… and i think i need new crazy meds because i feel like a bump on a log.  i haven’t been too productive around the house and i feel like i’m just wasting the days away at home and not teaching my boys much of anything.  the tv has been on a lot.  i hope things start to turn around.  i am blaming the latest emotional tragedies but i know neither case would want me to be mopey and sorry for myself, so… i need a kick in the ass – motivation for motivation’s sake.  energy.  drive.  “get up and go”.  any ideas how?

also, i have what feels like a little pimple on the inside of my left nostril.  ouchie.