March 2010

I have zero recollection of writing this, but evidently I typed this on my Facebook Wall last night:

Sometimes as my insomnia meds kick in, I get wild visual hallucinations that make me see and feel things out of the norm. Rite now I would swear this phone is made out of play dough and the baby monitor just said “Rodney!”

I take 20mg of Zaleplon (generic Sonata) for insomnia and boy are they fun! Laughing out loud.


I’m off for tattoo session #2 a week from today.  i am SO in love with the design, although i do have some corrections to share with the artist, but nothing major.  i’m excited but nervous again.  it was without question the most painful experience of my life.  possibly tied with 36 hours of labor… i was REAL close to asking him to stop.  i made it through 4 hours but was scheduled for 6.  oh well, i am not as hardcore as i thought.  next time i will have to take some painkillers before i go.  anyway, i am rambling, point is my back looks amazing and it’s only going to get better!  i will probably have 1 more session after next week but i’m hoping he can get it all done and i can handle an ink marathon.  here’s how it looks so far… my gorgeous phoenix with flowers and a 4-leafed clover.  my tribute tattoo.  art is awesome and this one’s forever!

Round 1 - outline and some shading

For those who care, my phenomenally talented and patient tattoo artist is Christian Duarte from Immortal Images in Charlotte, NC.