July 2010

Note to self: never assume that Older Brother won’t let Little Brother out of the gate. Because he will. And then Little Brother will eat dog food. By the handful. And I will have to scrape it out of his mouth with my finger as I change his poopy diaper, which is so full of poo that it makes him wriggle even more than usual, so that the poo gets all over him and all over the change table…so much so that I have to strip him and haul his little stinky behind upstairs and dump him right into the bathtub. Which eventually requires complete outfit changes all around and a stern explanation to Older Brother that BABY GATES ARE THERE FOR A REASON!

P.S. The amount of wheat and egg in Iams Naturals does not appear to affect the food allergenic baby.


'tis a bit of a blurry photo...

My proud phoenix lives forever!