August 2011

I have made decisions. I have grown and learned lessons. I have matured. I am intelligent and motivated. I am Mommy and sister and friend. I care. I give. I love.

I am frightened. I am unsure and unsteady. I am hurt and am the cause of others’ hurt. I am broken. I am damaged. I need help. I need love. I am optimistic and terrified.

I am alive and I am going!


Season Four: During the penultimate witch/vampire war,Godric takes over Laffy’s body, not only winning the Vamps a victory, but proving that they DO indeed have souls. We know Eric gets his memory back, still loves Sookie, thankyouverymuch The End.

A note to Alan Ball, if for nothing else, and I mean NOTHING else… thank you for the gratuitous eye candy during last night’s episode. What a beautiful bunch of men you’ve hired.