SO!  I was wrong about the True Blood finale.  No Godric.  Oh well… Alan Ball, you should have taken my advice, it would have saved Jesus whom we grew to love so much.  Nobody likes a sad Laffy.

Onto new things… I got a new job!  I’m finally moving out of the consulting arena and into a full-time, permanent position with benefits.  Not necessarily what my “dream” was a few years ago, but dreams are often overshadowed by reality.

More new things… you could win a $500 Apple Gift Card!!  Yep, it’s true.  I found out about this contest through the awesome CecilyK, so as a way of thanking her and also entering myself into the contest, I am blogging about it here.  Good luck, all you Apple-heads!

I’m posting this to enter a contest offered by Cashier Live, a point of sale software company, at Indie Biz Chicks. Enter to win here: I want to win a $500 Apple Gift Card from IndieBizChicks!

or here:

Win a $500 Apple Gift Card!

Even MORE new things… my wonderful sister, my other half, my everything… is pregnant with her first baby!  Words cannot describe how terrific this is, or how happy I am for her.  She and her husband deserve this, and have tried for a long time.  This is one very wanted baby and the amount of love he or she will have will be insurmountable.  I’m also psyched to get to know my sister as a mother, since I’ve been one for almost 6 years now and she has yet to experience the fantastic, terrifying ride.

hooray for new things!