You lied to me, Mr. Lundegaard.  You’re a bald-faced liar.  A…  F-f-FUCKING liar.



'tis a bit of a blurry photo...

My proud phoenix lives forever!

**Update! The winning ink is actually a combination of the first and second place winners.  I’m getting a phoenix with a string of wildflowers in its beak, for my Nana who loved her flower gardens.  A four-leafed clover will be drawn into the flowers for my Mom.  I go for session 1 (the outline) on Feb. 23. PSYCHED!!  Thanks to all who voted!**

My darling husband has offered to purchase my next tattoo as a gift for my upcoming birthday.  Since I have several ideas bumping around at once, I’m using a lifelife and asking the audience.

Idea #1: Something to commemorate my children, possibly just their names in fancy font. Alone or with symbols/animal representations of their zodiac signs (Scorpion and Lion, would have to search online for sample pics). Potential problem here could be if I have a third child… would have to allow for expansion!  Location would be around my right calf, where a piece of flash already exists (hoping I can cover that up or incorporate it into the new design).  Willing to compromise, as I really would love to have my boys’ names done.

Idea #2: A phoenix. I’ve wanted this tattoo for years now. A colorful, fantasy-like phoenix on my left calf, with long tailfeathers snaking around my ankle down onto the top of my foot. I love the symbolism of the phoenix; since I’ve been through my share of tragedy and crisis, it would be very poignant. Pitfalls… this might be the most expensive given the size and amount of color.

Idea #3: Something to commemorate my mother, since she’s ill at the moment… and I’ve always wanted a way to show her and my grandmother how much I love them.  My mom has a thing for four-leafed clovers, and both she and my Nana love birds and flowers. My Nana’s house had a gorgeous clematis vine that grew long and lush around her front door, in deep purple blossoms.  I could see something like that climbing around my leg.  Problem is, this idea and the phoenix idea are using the same piece of real estate on my body.  And I kinda want to get just a four-leafed clover on my chest in the same spot where my mom’s port is that is used for her chemo treatments.  I think maybe I’m too close too this issue at the moment.  Hmm…

Idea #4: The dragon from the inside cover of Stephen King’s The Eyes of the Dragon novel.  This book was possibly my first favorite “grown-up” book (graduated from Judy Blume to Stephen King, so I read this a looooong time ago).  I always have and always will be attached to the mystical side of my imagination. I believe in faeries and woodland sprites and tree dryads and all of the other endless array of probably made-up-stuff that I hope will be real when I get to Heaven.  Anyhoo, this dragon is my favorite and he’d go on my right shoulder, slightly casading down to my upper arm. I’d need a good artist to elaborate on what already exists in the sample drawing:  Click here for a sample image

So what do you guys think?  More importantly, anyone know super talented tattoo artists in the Charlotte or Asheville, NC areas?

Vote now, and thanks!

Fun photos mostly taken by my 3 year old…

Through the eyes of a toddler…

(Taken directly from

Back when life was simpler, Sesame Street produced a video showing how a crayon factory worked. I don’t recall seeing the video as a kid, but watching it now, I learned a few things:

1. Words are not necessary to describe the process of making crayons. An awesome soundtrack, on the other hand, is a must.

2. Making crayons is a messy business. Orange wax everywhere!

3. Skilled crayon-makers can pick up scores of crayons at once using a special two-handed grab.

Set aside two minutes for this look at the origins of a batch of crayons.

P.S.  I’m sure you’ll all agree with me that the word crayon is NOT pronounced CROWN.

I’ve always considered myself to have a good eye for color.  One of my favorite college courses was a year-long intensive color seminar, which I enjoyed every second of and got intensely absorbed in its studies.  I found a link to this site through mental floss, and I got started immediataly.  I was hoping for a perfect score, but I scored an 8.  I’m not too disappointed.  Take a few minutes to see how you do and post your results in the comments!

What is your Color IQ?

wow.  just wow.

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