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I have a boatload of things going on in my life right now and I am really praying for time, energy and motivation to get them all blogged-about. My grammar is SO bad today. I’m sorry. Fuck it. I have a four-year old chattering in my ear and slamming doors, and repeating himself, and I really should keep a close eye on my 9-month old who is skittering around on the floor but all I really want to do is astral project myself to a tropical oasis with that hot Orthopedist I met today, an ice cold caipirinha and a fabulously trashy novel. Erm, um… leave off that last part (it doesn’t have to be trashy).

I did want to throw this quote up here in the meantime. Despite the madness (and it IS madness), my babies are my life and my every breath and I love them more than all of the hot doctors put together in one big room all armed with various different tequila-laden cold beverages and brand new prescription pads…

I doubt if anyone of any tenderness or imagination can see the hand of a child and not be a little frightened of it. It is awful to think of the essential human energy moving so tiny a thing; it is like imagining that human nature could live in the wing of a butterfly or the leaf of a tree. When we look upon lives so human and yet so small, we feel the same kind of obligation to these creatures that God might feel. – G.K. Chesterton

Thank you for being alive, Jackson and Liam. Mommy loves you, even though you drive her to the brink of insanity.


Yup, I’m sold.  Official winner of the best shoulder and arm muscle lifetime achievement award of pure hotness, vampire category.

I believe I posted another video of this guy a while back.  Color me lazy, I don’t feel like searching for it.  Here he is again, and he is seriously way too awesome for words.  And I still want to borrow his services for an evening… heh.

Yes, I am a Sookie Stackhouse Series/True Blood fanatic, particularly with regard to Eric.  I am quite content in my little fantasy world, so who are you to judge me?! Alright, anyway, this is just about the hottest thing I’ve seen for Season Two of True Blood so far, and my goodness Alexander Skarsgard makes me moist.

Thanks, JA!

this is pretty much my idea of perfection.  not too “modelesque” or pretty, but absolutely breathtaking… looks like someone to keep me warm.  in many ways.

ok, i need to slap myself out of this fog.

First of all, as a mother, this is beautiful.

Second, i’ve never been more jealous of an infant.  Salma is my girl-crush (I’m only human…)

“SALMA HAYEK is so fond of breastfeeding she suckled the starving child of a woman who couldn’t express milk during a recent trip to Sierra Leone. The actress, who told the Huffington Post website last year she was so hooked on breastfeeding her baby daughter Valentina, she felt “like an alcoholic”, has revealed she helped a desperate mum in a refugee camp during a UNICEF fact-finding trip.  Appearing on Thursday’s Today show in America, Hayek simply nodded as host Kathie Lee Gifford asked, “You found a child that was starving to death, the mother had no milk – and you nursed that baby?” And then said, “It’s about women sticking together and we really need to help the children in any way we can.” And now the Mexican movie star and UNICEF activist is fighting to promote breastfeeding in Africa – because it helps boost the immune systems of at-risk babies.  Hayek explains, “It is the best thing you can do for your child, not only the bonding, that’s how you build the immune system, so in a country like Africa imagine how important it is for the mothers to do that.  “But there is the belief that if you are breastfeeding you cannot have a sexual life, so the husbands of these women are really encouraging them to stop and this is just a taboo.” (From CM)

Sweet, sweet mothers milk.

Sweet, sweet mother's milk.


i’m sure by now, everyone’s heard of christian bale’s latest outburst.  turns out some clever fellow decided to mix a funky little dance beat behind the barrage of f-bombs.  i love it.

Click here to play Christian Bale’s Dance Rant (opens in new window)

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