Anyone ever get a ziploc bag filled with gooky bread starter stuff from a friend, neighbor, co-worker, acquaintance, et cetera with attached instructions that directed you to “mash the bag” and add pantry ingredients ever couple of days until you finally bake the whole concoction and call it something tasty? No? Well then just stop reading this post now and go call your mother, she misses you. Why haven’t you called?

So for those that DO know what I’m referring to; those little stinky bags of glop, when allowed to grow and expand on your kitchen counter, turn into a righteously delicious bread (or cake, if you prefer things on the sweet side). I’ve got a whopper of a sweet tooth, which; combined with my love of baking and cooking and general kitchen experimentation, produced a hella good chocolate version of this thing called Amish Friendship Bread. Clicky-click your little mouse over to the right side of my blog page to enter the Tasty Kitchen site where said recipe is posted. You can also click on the link below for the standard recipe. Don’t let the word “standard” fool you into believing there is anything average about this bread. It’s extraordinarily YUMMY. Sweet, but not too sweet, and SO versatile. I’ve made several different variations using the basic recipe. I’ve made so many because, as the title of this post suggests, I have no fucking friends to pass it on to. Well, I do, but they’re all in New York and I can’t really mail this shit. Anyway. This bread is perfect for a snack, dessert, or even better as breakfast with a cup of coffee, or as you’re running out to catch the bus because you wouldn’t actually DRIVE to work, unless you own a hybrid, because that would be hell for your carbon footprint, right? Of course it would be, but that’s another post, one that you will never find on this website. Okay then, on to the recipe!! The document below assumes someone has already handed you a bag of starter. If you want to make it yourself, click the Tasty Kitchen icon.

Basic Amish Friendship Bread