It’s just one of those days!

This morning I had to drop off dry cleaning, but my local place was closed.  I found another one up the street that was open but they don’t do same-day service, so now I have to iron my suit tonight and hope it looks decent enough for tomorrow’s board meeting.  I spilled coffee on my shirt after I left the dry cleaners.  Got some really shitty news from my sister during lunch which, although was an honest mistake, really fucking SUCKS for me… so then I stopped at Dean & Deluca’s for a $8.65 salad, half of which spilled onto the floor of my car when I was turning back into my office parking lot.  In case anyone is wondering, it’s difficult to get crumbled goat cheese out of floor mats with nothing but a Starbucks napkin and your stubby fingers.  So then I was going to call my sister and vent about what a crappy day I’m having, only I couldn’t find my phone.  It took me a few frantic minutes of wondering if it slipped out of my purse at Dean & Deluca, only I found it on the floor of my car (thankfully spared of any goat cheese bits).  I managed to dial my sis but she wasn’t there, and then as I was leaving a message her voice mail cut me off.  I get back to my desk and go to mix up my salad, and the box pops open and the little bits of topping I had left spilled out onto the floor.  Last but not least, they gave me the wrong fucking salad dressing.  So now I’m sitting here stinking of old coffee and cheese and I don’t have anything in pill or liquid form to make me feel better!  And I don’t even LIKE salad!  I wanted a cheeseburger!

Thankfully, this clip featuring Arsenio Hall does help to lighten the mood a tad: