Season Four: During the penultimate witch/vampire war,Godric takes over Laffy’s body, not only winning the Vamps a victory, but proving that they DO indeed have souls. We know Eric gets his memory back, still loves Sookie, thankyouverymuch The End.

A note to Alan Ball, if for nothing else, and I mean NOTHING else… thank you for the gratuitous eye candy during last night’s episode. What a beautiful bunch of men you’ve hired.


Oh heavens, and here I thought Eric was True Blood’s biggest hunk of eye candy.

And he’s a good Italian boy, too!

Perfect casting: Alcide Herveaux on True Blood (HBO)

Yup, I’m sold.  Official winner of the best shoulder and arm muscle lifetime achievement award of pure hotness, vampire category.

Yes, I am a Sookie Stackhouse Series/True Blood fanatic, particularly with regard to Eric.  I am quite content in my little fantasy world, so who are you to judge me?! Alright, anyway, this is just about the hottest thing I’ve seen for Season Two of True Blood so far, and my goodness Alexander Skarsgard makes me moist.

Eric, Eric, Eric… why must you be so tantalizing?

Ok, I sort of mean YOU, Alexander Skarsgard … good heavens, could you be any more beautiful?

Can’t wait for True Blood Season 2!

Just finished Book 9 of the Sookie series and I am hoping HBO holds onto it long enough to cover some of the latest revelations…

June 14th can’t get here fast enough!  I am promising myself not to be bothered by the departures from the books… since I saw Season One before reading any of them.  But I know it will be difficult.  Speaking of the books, Sookie 9 comes out in a couple of weeks!  Woo hoo, y’all!

My body shuddered with the tangible sexiness that exuded from my television scene during those last few seconds of gushing crimson.